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Create professional work with our most robust tools - free for 30 days!

  • 3D modelers for desktop, web, and iPad
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  • Revit-to-SketchUp importer
  • Import and model on top of point cloud data

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Draw in 3D, analyze and improve your building’s performance, and creatively document and share your ideas with your class.

  • 3D modelers for desktop, web, and iPad
  • 2D documentation
  • Building performance analysis

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For primary and secondary education

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  • Integrated with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive
  • Works on Chromebooks or any Internet-connected computer
  • Students have access to free and intuitive 3D modeling tools

G2 Reviews

Sketchup is the most easy-to-learn and easy-to-use 3D modeling software there is. Some people say that it not as professional as other 3D software. But it's certainly not the case. If you learn most of its capabilities, you'll be able to model in a very accurate and precise way. Even when requiring construction or fabrication documentation, it gets the job done.

User in Construction

Powerful drawing and modeling software, which gives the user capabilities of doing of many different things and it also provides the user with Library with plenty of different varieties of unique objects which enables the user in quick production of various 3D models and 2D drawings.

Christine M
Landscape Architect

3D designing product for quick modeling of different presentations models for the clients and the tool has excellent importing ability and even 3D files conversion to 2D drawings capabilities. The product rendering Engine is very powerful which allows the user in production of clear and professional 3D renders, and the user can perform rendering at any project stage for the early decision...

Akash M

Extremely easy to learn, push/pull isometric extruding is great for visual learners

David H

SketchUp is very easy to use and intuitive. simple interface with straight forward commends. It is useful for schematic models as well as professional projects

User in Architecture & Planning

Simple to use and very fast modeling can be done compared to 3ds max

User in Architecture & Planning
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