SketchUp Studio

Все, что нужно для проектирования лучших зданий

Make exceptional design decisions

Move designs forward with confidence

Access the key insights you need to hit ambitious design goals.

Communicate your designs

From conceptual to photoreal, create compelling visual assets quickly and accurately.

Collaborate efficiently

Access, review and annotate up-to-date models and drawings with ease.

Make exceptional design decisions

Ensure your project is on track

Drive consensus by capturing your concepts in 3D and producing performance insights in minutes. Use Sefaira test how well your design provides daylighting, thermal comfort, and energy savings to help steer your projects in the right direction.

Ensure your project is on track

Самый простой способ проектирования

SketchUp Studio is the simplest way to steer your projects ahead with confidence. Model your project with the SketchUp tools you know and love, plus all the analysis tools you need to build efficient buildings.

Независимо от цели вашего проекта, мы можем помочь. Проектируете ли вы пассивный дом с низким энергопотреблением для достижения цели 2030 года или выполняете очередную задачу по повышению энергетической эффективности, — SketchUp Studio поможет вам прийти к согласию относительно способов улучшения проекта и меньше беспокоиться о сроках.

SketchUp Studio

Доступные инструменты

Интуитивное средство 3D-моделирования

Удобный пользовательский интерфейс и интуитивно понятные инструменты делают SketchUp самым простым способом проектирования моделей в 3D.


Analyze energy use, daylighting, occupant thermal comfort, and HVAC before you build.

Collaboration and cloud storage

Coordinate building models with stakeholders using Trimble Connect.

Professional, pre-made 3D models

Speed up your design workflow with hundreds of light-weight, render-ready, manufacturer-approved models from 3D Warehouse.

Presentation-ready graphics

Обменивайтесь понятной и наглядной графикой с помощью SketchUp, LayOut и Sefaira.

Virtual and augmented reality apps

Просматривайте модели проекта с клиентами в вашем или их офисе в масштабе 1:1, используя наши мобильные приложения AR/VR.

Model on the go

SketchUp for Web lets you model from anywhere, at anytime — without installing anything.

Presentation-ready graphics

Share cohesive and compelling graphics using SketchUp, LayOut, and Sefaira.

Leonard Sciarra

Using Sefaira, we were able to study multiple options within a short period of time, which allowed the team to arrive at a design direction that we all felt comfortable with much faster with meaningful data as opposed to ‘rules of thumb’ and broad assumptions.

Leonard Sciarra Senior Associate at Gensler, AIA, ASHRAE, LEED AP+

Products you need

SketchUp Pro
SketchUp for Web
Mobile Viewer
XR Viewer
Trimble Connect Business
3D Warehouse
Extension Warehouse

Features you'll love

Full-featured desktop 3D modeling software
Optimize your buildings' performance
Collaborate effectively with your team

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